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ALTAR KNIVES offers a complete range of Slitting Line Tooling confirming to international standards – Slitting knives, Metal Spacers, Rubber bonded spacers, stripper rings, Over arm Separator Discs , shims and other precision tools. 

What makes us standout

ALTAR KNIVES  has an extraordinarily broad and comprehensive range of products for plywood and veneer industries. ALTAR KNIVES  can supply virtually all types of knives and knife-related components.
The steel for these knives is specially rolled under the technical guidance of own engineers. The inlay material for the veneer knives are again manufactured from a wide range of steels such as AISI 01, S1, HSS M2 and Solid Steel Knives from special grades of steel such as 8% Chrome Steel.


ALTAR KNIVES  manufacturer Inlaid steels specially developed for Rotary Lathe and Slicer Applications for the Plywood Veneer Industry.

Tool performance

Superior Tool performance + Optimal Cutting Characteristics are achieved through well balanced heat treatment & processing.


A high quality knife guarantees faultless production and helps reduce raw material wastage which in turn yields savings in terms of overall costs.

worldwide reach

Global capacity

As a professional manufacturer of high quality mechanical and industrial blades, ALTAR KNIVES  produces various straight cutting blades. Our range of products: cutting blades for wood industries, plastic industries, metal industries
All our straight cutting blades are manufactured to exceed our customers’ requirements at a competitive price and timely shipment, and meet all OEM specifications by manufactured from a wide range of materials including Tungsten Carbide, Tooling steels, such as D2, SKD11, SKH51, M2 etc.
With our optimized solutions specifically designed for each customer’s needs, ALTAR KNIVES &  has helped many clients resolve their blades performance issues and optimize their cutting processes for the last many years. Fully take advantage of our expertise and technology today and please contact us now!

greatest asset

our people and community

We have become a well-known firm in the domain as a result of our client-centric approach to sustaining healthy and long-term relationships with clients. We may also tailor the items we supply to meet the needs and specifications of our customers. We also ensure that only premium quality products are provided to clients within the stipulated time frame for maximum client satisfaction.